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Nery in Ukraine, Report 1

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


Greeting from the Ukraine.

I have been posted by my new mission, Crosworld in Ukraine, with the mandate of helping to coordinate Humanitarian relief operations. (Yes! I do have a new mission home).

I am currently working at the Ukrainian border, and our mandate is to organize and coordinate humanitarian convoys heading into Ukraine. We pick up stranded refugees on their way back, prioritizing families with small children and the disabled. We also provide food and winter clothing to the many refugees who cross into Poland every day. We have been advised that 3,000 refugees will make it through our border crossing this evening under freezing temperatures. My team is right now busy getting dozens of blankets ready for a long night. I am in charge of the center this evening as we take turns with my boss since someone always has to be here coordinating. We also lead humanitarian convoys primarily into the city of Lviv. I returned from the town of Lviv this morning at 3.00 am, delivering a load of insulin and antibiotics for a hospital in Kyiv. We also took supplies to an evangelical church, and on our way back, we rescued at least 13 stranded families, most of them mothers with small children since adult men are expected to stay behind.

We now have the operational capacity of sending off two convoys per day into Ukraine. We have sent humanitarian assistance as far as Kyiv. The primary request is for medical trauma supplies and winter and food supplies for children and babies.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to provide medical assistance to a couple of soldiers wounded during a bombing 15 miles away from our operational building. Unfortunately, an undisclosed number of soldiers were casualties. This humanitarian relief work was started by a member of a Christian polish church. After seeing the effectiveness of their ministry, Ukrainian customs authorities decided to let us use their main administration building. We are now able to offer our logistical support to other agencies.

Pray. We need many, many more volunteers. We will soon need a few people willing to replace my boss and me since I am not sure how long we will be able to maintain the pace. Pray for safety. We are currently operating on a zone considered a military target. Pray for donations on the items mentioned above: Children and emergency trauma supplies are prioritized.

Venezuela prison ministry: All good news from my Venezuelan prison mission team. The work is substantial. Because of my limited time and internet restrictions, I can no longer teach at the prison conference. Ironically I am not with my team in Venezuela because they had some safety considerations about my well-being, and here I am now, in Ukraine… God’s sense of humour…

The incredible thing about my mission trip into Ukraine is that all the 38 prison churches we support in Venezuelan penitentiaries have taken my mission trip as theirs. They seem to have forgotten all their differences in leadership, doctrine, and practices and are united, supporting me in bringing my mission as their cause. I am sending below the pictures of two prayers meetings held this afternoon on our behalf.

In His service,


PS. Here is the link if you want to support this mission trip. Feel free to share this note with your network for prayers. (for Canada giving) or (for US giving),

Nery Duarte. Account 45352.

Our operations center at the Ukranian border

Prayer meetings organized in Venezuelan prisons:

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