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Nery in Ukraine, Report 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2022


Sorry, I cannot respond to your individual notes of support.

A few days ago, the person in charge of this operation relief center at the Ukrainian border was deployed somewhere, so I was asked to help coordinate the operation.

I am stationed at the border at a building given to us by customs authorities. We continue sending vans of supplies into Ukraine and helping out stranded refugees on their way to Poland. We feed the people crossing the border, and when we have enough volunteers, we help the elderly and disabled cross into Poland. When we have blankets, we provide them to the refugees waiting for clearance since sometimes they have to wait for hours outside to be cleared, most evenings temperatures are below freezing. The army sends into immigration groups of 200 to 300 hundred. I have seen from my office thousands and thousands of refugees crossing day and night. Nights are particularly harder. Sometimes we have no volunteers, and many volunteers come from different countries and mission organizations.

I was given a bulletproof vest (ominous), but I gave it to a soldier going into the front lines. When I can, I help people with emergency medical issues.

I have just helped out a couple of Crosworld missionaries going to a city between Lviv and Kyiv. They are taking supplies to a church they support. They plan to return on Monday. Pray for their safety.

Pray also for a steady flow of donations. Water, children's supplies and medical supplies are the most requested items.

Yesterday there was some bombing in the city of Lviv. I was not there, but a couple of our volunteers were. No one from our team was hurt.

Venezuela ministry. The team reports that all is going well with the prison conference. I was able to prerecord a message. Yesterday I received a phone call from one gang leader thanking us for all we do for prisoners in Venezuela. As it appears, this gang leader has converted to Christianity and wants to make this prison available only to believers. Yesterday in one of the prisons, they had a meal made with our garden produce, over 3,000 inmates were fed.

In His service,

Nery Duarte.

Ps. Sending you a link to an article I have written: Giving to Humanitarian Relief. Some of the items shared in this article may be relevant to this emergency.

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