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Gallery: Venezuela Agricultural Project (Galeria: Venezuela Asistencia Humanitaria Agricola)

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

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David Smith
Jul 11, 2020

It Certainly is a need country. I love the happy look on the faces of the kids as they get their food. God cares about them and loves them and this project is you and your friends, putting Love in Action...wonderful Nery, Dave


Bill MacKay
Jul 09, 2020

Regarding the Gallery: Venezuela Agricultural Project, it looks like you had a productive project that provided healthy food for many folks. I pray it will continue to provide food on an ongoing basis. The project reminded me that projects like this can be helpful in any area of the world. Our little church in New Hamburg Ontario has several raised garden plots on their property that are used by folks from the surrounding community. I don't have all the details but I understand some trees have been planted to start an orchard and a fundraising project is being considered to plant more trees in the orchard.

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